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Column-Filters for Winforms PFGrid.NET

Filters can be defined easily to filter the values for cells of a column. A default-filter of type TextFilterControl can be assigned for a column, if you like to define a custom filter you can implement the interface IFilterControl for a user-defined .NET control:

Ajax-like loading panel for PFGrid.NET

When a column-filter is assigned, the columns looks like this:

Filtered column in PFGrid.NET

The appearance of the filter-icon can be overriden in the grid's renderer.

Text-Tracing for filters

By setting the property FilterType to FilterAndTrace or just Trace, the text for that you filtered the column will be highlighted in the corresponding cell.

The backcolor and padding for the highlighted region can be set by the property TraceSettings of the FilterBase-class. The same can be done for the global-filter of the TreeListView:

Trace for text in Grid-control
public FormTreeListDemo()

    colName.Filter = new ColumnFilter(treeListView);

    colType.Filter = new ColumnFilter(treeListView);

    colAmount.Filter = new NumberRangeColumnFilter(treeListView);
    colAmount.Filter.FilterMode = EnFiltermode.Filter;

private void SetColumnFilterBackColor(FilterBase filter)
    filter.TraceSettings.BackColor1 = Color.LightCyan;
    filter.TraceSettings.BackColor2 = Color.LightCyan;